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Deluxe Pack

Our Best Price! In Combination, get all 3 signs and a poem poster for just $54.99. That's over 40% OFF. Each sign is waterproof and fade resistant and promises to stay a colorful addition to your lawn. Be the first on your block - you won’t be the last!

Love All

It doesn't get any simpler that just stating the obvious.One of our fan favorites for all seasons.Show off your love and let others be lifted.Loving all makes everything you do worth it.

Love Can Do

The message that began it all.An iconic statement extolling the powers of love.It’s a far-reaching cure for so much.  Love truly can do.Put this conversation starter on your lawn and spread the love!

Poem Poster

It is true that love songs and love poetry exist in the tens of thousands, if not more.  Author C. Mike Jones has written another.  This one just for you!  His poem extols the power of love, the importance of respect for one another, and how love connects us all together, all while expressing love's pure simplicity.

Post Script:

P.S. Let me tell you how this idea came about.  My 9th grader came home from High School one day and asked me "What do I believe in?" and "What do I stand for?".  It was a good question to ask.  I responded like this, : "Everyday I thank Jesus for my life", "I thank Jesus for my family - you, your mom and even Doggo."  And then I sat down and thought about it and I began writing.  Originally titled "This much I know" I wrote it on 6/14/21 in a single try and 5 tiny edits.  I suppose you could easily have written something similar.  Because in the quiet-places in our hearts and minds we both know that this rings true.

With Love, C. Mike Jones


Teach Love Reap Love

A message of hope with some common sense.Our children learn at an early age to be polite, use good manners and to be a good person.We all know this innately and its good to shout it out once in a while.Love taught fosters a culture of caring into the future.